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Our Customer Experience

Collaborating with us is a breeze. We understand how hectic and overwhelming the journey through entrepreneurship can be. That’s why one of our main focuses is providing you with the best, less-stressed experience. We do all the work to make you look good online so that you can lift some weight off of your shoulders and focus on what is most important – the actual business!


Our Quality Work

We specialize in creating modern masterpieces. Our minimalistic and contemporary style will uplift your brand and make your online presence visually appealing. With Miano, not only will your business stand out, it will also be designed to specifically attract your target audience so that you can generate more leads.


Our Commitment To You

We’re totally fun to work with. We cherish our relationships with bosses like you, so we make sure we have A1 communication and organization throughout the process. We’ve streamlined and automated our design process so that your business can become the best version of itself. No matter what stage your project is currently in, we recognize the potential your business has, and use our super powers to take it to the next level.



My name is Naomi Thomas and I am so excited to get to know you and your next project! From one boss to another, I understand the struggle.  You have this amazing idea, money deserving skill, and ambitious work ethic, but there’s so much fear in the unknown.  How will everyone know how awesome you are if you aren’t able to present it well online?  There’s no need to worry anymore.  We’ll help you look irresistible so that you will be able to draw in your target audience and generate more leads – from your brand identity and website to your social media pages and beyond.

As founder of Miano, I made it a mission to help businesses reach their full potential.  I personally work with each and every client to find the best solution to boost their online presence and surpass their business goals.  I am a creative techie, with a mind that has a million browser tabs open 24/7,  just ready to share my ideas with the world!

Need advice? I can help you strategize on how to separate yourself from the competition and expand your empire.  I put myself in your shoes and, like a mad scientist, I can provide you with tons of amazing ideas and paths to consider when building your brand.

As you begin(or continue) your entrepreneurial journey, just remember that you are not alone.  We will give you the support and resources you need to be the best that you can be.  We’re in your corner, and only want to see you succeed.  You have it in you to take on the entire world!  So why not start now?

Everyone loves to work from home, right? Working for Miano comes with many perks.

Our jobs and internships all commonly require just an internet connection, a phone, and a passion for web transformation.

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